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Cheerio, Chicago

And so I come to the final part of our trip. Our place in Chicago was really close to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, so we got super cheap tickets for a midweek afternoon game and had an ace time. We saw some cracking home runs which was very exciting for young Master H, while little Miss just enjoyed being able to clamber all over the seats and generally have a play. That evening we took full advantage of our guests and left them with the kids for the evening while Mr H and I went to the theatre to see my home town namesake... Hamilton! I'd heard that this was THE new show on the block to see, and it really was brilliant. What made it even more special, and I hadn't even realised this when I booked it, was that it was set just outside Boston at the time around the American War of Independence. So here I was, seeing it just weeks after I'd been learning about this precise period in history (see " Heroes are my weakness

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle

About a week into our time in Chicago we welcomed our first (and only) visitors: Mr H's folks - aka the babysitters! Before we felt we could take full advantage of their childminding skills we first wanted to show them the highlights of this fun city, as well as explore together some of the highly-rated activities we had been keeping on the to-do list. Project Razzle Dazzle: commence! The weather was still deciding what to do with itself so our first stop was the safe choice of the Museum of Science & Industry . Initially we entered into a relatively frenetic area where we battled with a school trip to try to climb aboard a tractor, but we were soon gladly able to make our way to the "Ideas Factory" area at our allotted time (it's ticketed with a start time but there's no additional cost). This part of the museum is designed with young kids in mind, and our two had a ball. Anything Master H could do, well, Miss H could certainly give it a try (after