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Life's a beach

Or is it? Today I lodged my Australian tax return. This morning we went to the supermarket and did the big shop. On my mental to-do list I just added that I need to take the three dead AAA batteries I took out of remote control Thomas to Walgreens the next time we're near one to recycle them (it's illegal to throw them in the bin here - right on, SF). We still have general "life" stuff going on, stuff which one doesn't normally do on holiday (it still feels like one big holiday) - but I get to do all of these things in San Francisco! When we rode the trolley last week (more below) and my son learned we weren't getting off at the first stop but rather were riding it all the way to the end of the line, he exclaimed (to the carriage's amusement), "It's my lucky day!" That's how I feel every  day, kiddo. Every day. Because, in between tax admin, phone repairs and buying bananas by the dozen, life really is a beach. We all get to spend ea

Good afternoon, San Francisco

Locals call it "the foggy city", and after being here a fortnight I understand why. The clouds sometimes linger until mid-morning, lazily making their way across the skies as the experienced locals finish brunch (we now understand why early breakfasts are a rarity here too), and roll back in late afternoon, making those jumpers I seemingly crazily put in the buggy earlier suddenly a very good idea. Now there are some days when the blue skies permeate all day (and those are truly glorious), but generally we've learned not to take too many photos in the mornings as we almost always end up retaking the same shots in the afternoons! Here are a few from our first week walking about the interesting (and often VERY hilly!) streets - interesting because of the architecture, but also the juxtaposition of stylish houses next to concrete apartment blocks next to pretty churches. On one particularly cloudy day we took a walk into the city centre and fin