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Happy days and haircuts

We've figured out that a "Children's Museum" is actually just another term for an indoor playground where you can easily lose your children, so we optimistically set off for the Chicago Children's Museum on a Sunday afternoon. Afternoons really are the time to do things as most families are starting to head home shortly after lunch time, as are school trips if it's a weekday, so we had an easy morning at home and then headed into Navy Pier, home to the museum, around the top of the day. The nice lady on the desk let a dozing Miss H in for free (everyone over 12 months of age has to pay), and when she woke up shortly afterwards both kids had a brilliant time playing with building tools, skittles, fishing nets, climbing walls, and the perennial winner: water! The next day we took it easy and stayed local. The weather was starting to pick up a little, so we went out to the beach near us which unfortunately had quite a bit of broken glas

Hello, Chicago

Turquoise river. A classy skyline that's impressive without feeling imposing. The iconic mirror bean statue. These are things that we didn't see as soon as we got to Chicago. Having sat through the 8-hour drive from Toronto to Chicago Mr H and I decided it would be far fairer to let the little ones run around at a local park on our first day, and that we venture no further than the local Whole Foods supermarket to stock up on bananas, fruity bars and all such other necessities. However there are only so many photos of toddlers on slides that you lovely people can take, plus the scenery shots really set the, ahem, scene, so I'm going to start the visuals for this post with some shots of the windy city. It really is mighty purty. Chicago has a free zoo in Lincoln Park , which was quite close to where we were staying (a suburb called Lake View), so we took a trip there on day 2. As it was free we weren't expecting much, but to our delight it'