A hard day's hike

Okay, so let me clarify: the 3.2km trail round Sasamat Lake didn't exactly take a day, but doing it with two toddlers it certainly felt like it at times!

Och, not really. Little Miss H was in the baby carrier most of the time happily babbling away, and Master H did a sterling job for about three quarters of the trail and only needed gentle encouragement and cajoling for the final stretch (probably around about when this photo was taken).


Having had a lovely time at Alouette Lake a few days beforehand we decided to explore other lakes close to Vancouver, and so set off first for Sasamat Lake. We brought a picnic, taught our two-year-old how to play tig, got the kids to put on their own suncream, and then set off into the woods on "a a-venture, Mummy!" as Master H called it. I beamed. I truly felt like the kind of parent I want to be.

A short while later Mr H and I were held hostage to some obligatory stone-throwing and we eventually had to hurry the a-venture along a little bit, but hey, the sit-down protest at least afforded me a cute shot.


It was a glorious walk, with the lake in view much of the time, and the sunlight streaming beautifully through the trees.




After several more stone-throwing stops and some emergency snacks to help boost Master H's little legs we made it back round to White Pine Beach, where our feet enjoyed a blissful paddle, Miss H gave the lake some serious contemplation, and Master H really got into the swing of things (sorry; had to do it).



The next day we took it easy and hired bikes again at Stanley Park for a few hours. We cycled through the middle of the park this time which was much harder terrain so I don't think Mr H and I really got much of a rest, but the kids seemed to enjoy it. Well, Miss H enjoyed it when we stopped and she got to take her helmet off, at least!


Coming up... in our final week in Canada we visit some more lakes, and take a trip to Vancouver Island


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