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Christmas away from home

Christmas at home can be a magical family time. But what if you won't be spending it in your own home? How do you make sure your family has a super special time without feeling like they're missing out on anything because they're not in their normal environment? The experience of travel is a wonderful thing, whether it's a holiday to a new destination or a visit to family who live some distance away, and at Christmas time there are plenty of ways to make it feel just as magical an experience as ever. Our kids are 4 and 2, and we've spent the past three Christmases away from our family home, either because we've been away on our family gap year or else visiting (and staying with) grandparents. So here are my top five tips for how to still have a fabulous family Christmas when you're away from home. 1. Decorate together! a) If you're staying in holiday accommodation I understand the reluctance to spend lots on decorations you simply can't tran