Birthday fun in the Canadian sun

One of the perks of being born in the (British) summertime is that I'm usually away for my birthday. Now I grant you, going travelling for six months increases one's odds slightly, but still, I felt special getting to celebrate it somewhere new.

View from The Boathouse

The morning was spent opening cards and pressies and having video chats with family and responding to lots of lovely messages - thank you one and all. We then had lunch out at The Boathouse in Kitsilano, before spending the afternoon at Maple Grove Park, a super park near us which has an outdoor swimming pool that's just for kids, complete with a slide which Master Hart thinks is almost better than Blaze and the Monster Machines (and that's saying something). Thanks for the recommendation Eilidh and Elizabeth - it's now our favourite park! (More to come about these lovely lasses later - who said this blog was going to be chronological?) 





The next day I got to prolong my birthday even further (as if spanning three time zones wasn't enough) as my present from Mr H was a ticket to the matinee performance of 'Much Ado About Nothing' by Vancouver's professional Shakespeare company. I strolled to and from the beachfront theatre in splendid isolation (I pressed the button for the green man MYSELF for the first time in about a year), and the show was marvellous. It was set in 1950s Italy, on a film set, so the stage, costumes and overall attitude of the play was a joy to watch. If by any chance you'll be in Vancouver before the end of September, marry, get thee a ticket!


The rest of the gang went to the zoo while I was away and had a jolly good time too. I don't think Miss H was the slightest bit interested in the actual animals, but at least the statues provided merriment.


Happy birthday to me indeed - cheers!


Still to come: Stanley Park, old friends and new ones, and starting to explore some of the beautiful Canadian scenery.


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